Empire Vineyards

Project process for Empire Vineyards. Package Design 3. The design objective was to design for a liquor, wine, or beer label. I chose to create my own wine brand based on the research I conducted.


Design Objective: Create and design labels and packaging crates for a line of old-world style (Bordeaux) wine for the Empire Vineyards winery. Create a recognizable brand while emphasizing the rich history of wine drinking. The design should strengthen the brand identity through cohesive packaging that speaks to the target audience.

WEEK_1: Concept Exploration and Selected Direction

Wine is such a universal beverage with a rich history of over 8,000 so I chose to preserve this concept in the brand by using the name Empire Vineyards. The brand name is inspired by Alexander the Great who by the age of 30 created one of the largest empires of the ancient world. In those times, life was short, brutal, and nasty so the privileged minority of the human race who drank wine believed they were given a preview to paradise. The times have changed but the effect is still the same and Empire Vineyards delivers by giving anyone who enjoys wine and feels like they run their own empire weather at work or at home the opportunity celebrate like an Emperor or Empress.

WEEK_2: Brand Development and Label Explorations0031_EV_process4

Bottle design explorations:

WEEK_3: Label refinements and bottle comping and embossing tests.

WEEK_4: Further label refinements and shipping crate options. 

WEEK_5: Final Presentation.

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